Theodore Vernell

Men and Hair loss

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While watching the Presidential debate last night I noticed Donald Trump's "hair" and thought about the new trend in black male hair care...weaves. Yep, weaves! I talked to a friend, who had to go bald due to his hair falling out, and asked if he would ever consider getting one. His answer, "Not at all". We watched videos, discussed the pros and cons, and talked about the "real" issue of a man's manhood being questioned. 


The first video we saw showed a man going through the process of getting his hair done and I began to wonder, why is this such a big issue? Our caucasian counter parts have been wearing hair pieces for years...and now the brothers are embracing the power that comes with a full head of hair. As we watched more videos I could tell my friend was becoming intrigued and we decided to do a little research (hey, we're both research fiends lol) and were surprised by what we found.


There are drugs, procedures, and natural treatments geared towards helping men stop the process of balding and now a less intrusive solution...the man weave. I've seen how women who've lost their hair regain confidence and their sense of self-esteem when a stylist is able to transform their crown; are we so closed minded that our black men can't have the same experience. 


Wether their hair loss is caused by genetics or a disease, do we believe that black men should have to just deal with hair loss or do they deserve that same feeling of pride when they look in the mirror?


Take a look at a few of these videos: