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Locs of Love

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When looking online for stories regarding hair or hair care very seldom do I find a story that inspires me. When looking into black hair stories I find things about growing hair, styling short hair, and even how to style locs; but today I found a story very different.


Thomas Moore is a ten-year-old young man from Maryland has made an impact on myself, and many others in the black hair care community. He noticed his mother watching a story about a five-year-old girl battling cancer and how she lost her hair through her chemotherapy treatments. Touched by her experience Thomas asked his mother if he could grow his hair. His goal was to have enough hair to give to the young lady to make her happy, but he exceeds his own expectations!


When Thomas cut his hair he was able to donate enough to make three wigs for those overcoming cancer. The young lady that inspired Thomas to cut his hair passed before receiving his locs of love, but her mother celebrated in her memory. 


With stories like this, it makes me realize the importance of educating our children about their coils and curls and instilling pride in their natural hair. Thomas isn't the only child to do this selfless act, but it's inspiring to see how the youth of today are more concerned with the happiness of others rather than their own self-seeking pleasures. 


You can read more about this incredible young man here: