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Protect your Mane

An Interview with the Founder of Theodore Vernell

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Curls & More: First, let me say how much I love your locs! How long have you been growing them?


 TV: Thank you. I have been growing them a total of 14 years. The first time I grew them for 4 years while in college but I cut them. This second time has been 10 years.


CM: Ok, your name isn’t Theodore or Vernell where did this name come from?


TV: I wanted a name that represented me but didn’t say “hey look at me”.(laughs)  And since I’m one half of each of my parents I thought their names would work perfectly.


CM: Tell us about how you came up with your custom fit shower and sleep caps?


TV: Well after searching for a product that would protect all of my locs, that I wouldn’t have to buy again every month I decided to sit down and create something myself. I started off with the shower cap didn’t have any intentions of starting a business, but my cousin saw it and wanted one and said she had friends that wanted one as well.


CM: So this is really an accident?


TV: (laughs) I guess you could say that. It wasn’t as if I was sitting at my desk calculating a master plan for starting my own business, but I was really tired of not finding products that would protect my hair. I needed a solution, so I created one. 


CM: What makes your caps different from those already out there on the market?


TV: Our caps come with two options for comfort fit. The headband has a drawstring that allows the user to adjust the cap to their comfort level while the sizing ring allows them to adjust the cap to whatever style they’re wearing. I wanted to create something that was as versatile as its owner; no matter what style you’re rocking I wanted to ensure protection.


CM: I loved both caps and wanted to know about the upkeep. Can I wash these?


TV: Of course! For the shower cap I suggest taking a baby wipe and simply wiping the lining of the cap every week or so, but the sleep cap can go into your washer with no reservations. I put mine in a garment wash bag and let in air dry.


CM: What’s next for Theodore Vernell?


TV: You’ll have to wait and see (laughs), but no seriously we are hoping to expand into the fitness world and are in the developmental phases of a cap that can be worn to protect the hair while working out. Our goal is to keep edges dry and reduce the amount of frizz experienced while sweating.


CM: Do you need a Guinea pig? (laughs)


TV: We just may!


CM: Ok, in all seriousness, what would you like to leave with our readers?


TV: Our caps are simply a solution to a growing problem in the black hair care world. With the rise of people embracing their hair, there hasn’t been a response from major corporations to make products that are reflective of our needs. I created these to help men, women, and children protect their mane.


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