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The Interview

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I remember getting the call I'd been waiting on for at least two weeks, I was chosen for an interview. The process was a long and tiring one and I could see the finish line. My excitement was quickly quenched when I realized one thing, my hair. I had the prettiest twist out and my interview was in two days. I text my stylist and begged for an appointment and as I sat there waiting I thought of different ways I could "tame" my mane. 

As I sat waiting I became so frustrated with my choice to go natural. When I had a relaxer it was simple. I could wash and slick it back in a nice bun or pretty ponytail, but with this thick curly bush I was stuck. See, I'm not a hair person so my hair is either professionally styled or in a very basic twist out. YouTube videos don't help, Google searches have failed, and I pray for the day I learn to braid. But, here I am 5 years since my big chop and I'm stuck. 

My stylist replied and told me she could get me in and I was overjoyed. I would have to apply heat to my hair, but it would be nice and "professional". I had the silk press and aced the interview, but please believe on the first day I had a twist out as big as my office!