Theodore Vernell

The Custom Fit Shower Cap is a premium shower cap that can comfortably accommodate extra-long hair. It is fully adjustable for large and small heads alike. In addition, we chose to use a waterproof fabric that is durable yet soft and comfortable, with the added benefit of keeping out the steam and humidity from the shower.

The Custom Fit Sleep Cap is made from a soft and breathable fabric that allows you to sleep with peace of mind. With the adjustable band and a fabric that stretches with ease, the Custom Fit Sleep Cap gives you confidence while you sleep. We developed two different designs to accommodate an array of styles. 

We believe that protecting your mane is an investment and a way of life!



Our Story

Theodore Vernell is a company that understands that your hair is an extension of you. And we have made it our mission to protect your hair with our Custom Fit Shower and Sleep Cap

After years of not being able to find a shower, or sleep, cap to fit long, thick hair that wouldn’t crack or leak in a month and wasn’t only available in flower or rainbow print, Theodore Vernell realized there was a market that was invisible to most of the hair care industry. So we created the Custom Fit Shower and Sleep Caps!